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"Enriching Students' Futures!"

Principal: "The program was tailored to the needs of our students that indicated struggles in literacy and math. The program staff was exceptional in terms of scaffolding and preparing all the necessary materials to make the program effective. I was impressed with the quality of the instructional materials as well as the caliber of professional development for staff. The program helped us in making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and it provided us with plenty of data that identified school wide progress." Connie M.

Teacher: “The program staff created student groups with meticulous care, focusing on grade-level and language proficiency. The program’s math and language arts materials were tailored to meet student’s academic needs, and as a result, this program helped the school tremendously in making AYP.”  Altagracia D.

Parent: “My child had a great academic performance due to the tutoring provided by Achievers Enrichment Services. With grades that led to 97% and 100% in his progress. His progress allowed him to get accepted into one of the best High Schools in New York City, Mott Hall High School!” Antonia D.

Student: “This program is the best! I think that if there was a competition for best program you will come first place.” Derek C.

For further information contact Achievers Enrichment Services at
1-866-309-5248 or by e-mail at info@achieversenrichment.us.