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"Enriching Students' Futures!"

Achievers Enrichment Services, LTD (AES) is an approved Expanded Learning Time Provider. We offer tutoring in English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and state standardized test preparation for grades K-12. Our program is aligned with each state’s content standards.

AES utilizes a research based, highly effective curriculum. The curriculum is different from day school presenting students with a fresh, new approach. The students’ motivation is sparked by the high interest content and enjoyable mastery activities. Our services are offered in school, afterschool, and on weekends.

Tutors are state certified teachers trained and certified in the AES curriculum who are experienced and knowledgeable in their subject matter. Each student is given individual attention as well as the opportunity to achieve academic mastery of targeted skills through practice in small groups of ten or less students. Each small group has a dedicated teacher.

AES includes tutoring of English Language Learners. Bi-lingual and English as a Second Language teachers are matched with our English Language Learners to support second language acquisition while tutoring the academic content. AES tutors students with special needs also by employing Special Education teachers who tutor students based on their Individual Education Plan.

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