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"Enriching Students' Futures!"

Assessment Process

  • Review of students' academic records
  • Diagnostic pre-assessment
  • Interviews with teachers and administrators
  • Bi-Monthly Progress Reports shared with parents, teachers and administrators

Program Effectiveness

  • Attendance is monitored to insure continuity of instruction
  • Students must achieve 80% mastery of a skill before advancing to the next level
  • Ongoing assessment reported monthly to parents and administrators to validate effective progress

Tutoring Content


Achievers Enrichment Services’ (AES) high interest content in reading provides broad practice for students to:

  • Read literary and informational passages
  • Listen to a selection read aloud and take notes
  • Edit to correct and revise a short writing piece
  • Read paired passages and respond in writing

Students are simultaneously engaged in improving specific reading skills which have been targeted as areas for development, for example:

  • Author’s purpose and plot
  • Drawing conclusions     
  • Library/References Skills
  • Main idea
  • Making Inferences
  • Summarizing
  • Supporting Details
  • Vocabulary
  • Cause and Effect
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Sequencing


AES prepares students to meet the rigorous new writing standards.  AES' tutor guides students through the research and writing processes. 

  • Writing from sources
  • Opinion, narrative, explanatory, informative writing
  • Stages of writing and research
  • Library/reference skills
  • Preperation of a finished piece
  • Paragraph
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Usage


AES tutoring content in Mathematics covers all five ‘big ideas’.  Skills are addressed in contexts that promote problem solving, reasoning, and making connections.  Concrete objects are used to support students understanding of abstract representations.

  • Skills and ideas presented in a form and language that can be grasped by students
  • Curriculum is spiraled so students continually build on what they already know
  • Learning activities are scaffolded
  • Clear problem solving models are reviewed and practiced

All five ‘big idea’ content strands are addressed:

  • Number sense and operations
  • Measurement
  • Statistics and probability
  • Algebra
  • Geometry

Test Preparation

Achievers Enrichment Services (AES) also prepares students for state testing.  AES’ test practice curriculum focuses on reading, writing, and mathematics skills.   Challenging content areas are identified so that students get targeted instruction based on their weaknesses identified on the practice test.  The practice tests:

  • Mirrors the content and format of state English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics tests
  • Questions aligned to state performance indicators in ELA and mathematics
  • Number of questions per strand align to mathematics test blueprint
  • Gradual-release modeling directs the students through mastery of all writing types

Program Details

  • Tutoring takes place in school; afterschool and on weekends.
  • Session times run between one to four hours.
  • All materials are supplied.
  • Snacks are served enabling students to concentrate on their studies.


Service is free of charge to students in Title I Priority/Focus Schools.
For further information contact Achievers Enrichment Services at
1-866-309-5248 or by e-mail at