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For which subjects do you provide tutoring?
We provide one on one tutoring in a small group setting. Tutoring is given in the subject areas of English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics for grades K-12.

Where are your services offered?
Services are offered after-school and on weekends, in school.

How many students are tutored at a time?
Students are tutored in groups of ten or less per teacher. In this setting, one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction are provided.

How long does each tutoring session last?
Each tutoring session lasts from one to four hours per session.

Are your teachers state certified?
All Achievers Enrichment Services teachers are state certified. They must demonstrate success in remediation and be experienced in the subject matter. All teachers are also certified in AES training before tutoring.

How are parents and schools informed of studentsí progress?
Parents and schools receive copies of studentsí bi-weekly progress reports created by teacher.

What curriculum do you use? Is it aligned to state standards?
We use a highly researched and effective curriculum which is aligned to state standards. The use of fresh, new curriculum materials and methods, unused in day school, reactivates studentsí learning motivations.

Do you service students with limited English proficiency?
Yes, we provide services for English Language Learners (ELL.) We employ Bilingual and ESL teachers.

Do you service students with special needs?
Yes, we provide services for students with special needs. We align our program to the studentsí Individual Education Plan (IEP) and employ Special Education teachers.

How much do your services cost?
Our services are free of cost if your child attends a Priority/Focus Title I School.

For further information contact Achievers Enrichment Services at
1-866-309-5248 or by e-mail at